Thanks for dropping in! Here are some of the hi lights of the upcoming year.


Jan Krist, Alan Finkbeiner, and Jim Bizer have joined with Annie and Rod Capps to form a new band called Diamonds in the Rust.

Here is a peek at the new group, photo by Jen Prouty. You can find out more by visiting our new site, diamondsintherust.com

We’ll be singing original songs and songs we believe are gems by other rustbelt songwriters. I look forward to sharing more about this amazing band with you in the future.

This year I will be teaching two workshops for the Grunewald Guild in Leavenworth WA.The Guild is a beautiful and welcoming place. The first takes place March 30-April 2, the second July 10-16. These workshops are always great fun.  Visit the Grunewald Guild at http://www.grunewaldguild.com


In September we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of “Decapitated Society” my first CD. This is a critically acclaimed CD. It received rave reviews in Billboard Magazine, the Detroit News and Free Press, The Metro Times and other publications. Be sure to get your tickets for this great show which will be at the Trinity House Theatre in Livonia Michigan on September 16. It will be a full Jan Krist Band show featuring Alan Finkbeiner, Jim Bizer, and other great Detroit area musicians. Tickets will be $20


I have a new solo CD in the works! this is a big deal! The last two CDs have been duo projects with Jim Bizer, who is also going to be working on a new solo release. I’ll keep you updated on this…

Past News

curious100A word on this from Bob Darden,

Twenty years ago, we had people named Clinton and Bush vying for the highest office in the land, we had war and rumors of wars in the Middle East, we had a deeply divided nation … and we had Jan Krist making sense of it all inCurious. Twenty years later, Curious still makes sense. And it is still great music. It is one of the few CDs (and yes, I still listen on CD) from my days with Billboard magazine that I listen to regularly. It is timeless. It is magical. It is musical. It’s a classic. I’ve given away numerous copies of all of Jan’s CDs through the years. Her music still matters. Her lyrics still illuminate. I used to share Curious with friends with a slight sense of superiority for having “discovered” her first. As I’ve gotten older, I now share Curious with a deep sense of humility, coupled with just a little awe of her talent. This is something special. Sharing it is the least I can do.

Robert F. Darden, Professor

Journalism, Public Relations and New Media

Baylor UniversityWaco, TX 76798-7353, Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

If you don’t have a copy of this great CD head on out to CDbaby.com to buy a copy!

Jan Krist and Jim Bizer Too CD which was released in September 2013. Jan and Jim have a new website with gig info and CD ordering info, http://jankristandjimbizer.com

by Karrine Williams

Jim Bizer and Jan Krist

Fallow Ground, Jan Krist’s highly anticipated new CD is now available and here is something new!    You can now purchase this CD directly from the artist. To learn how contact : Jan at jan krist dot net.

This CD was a long time coming and includes the songs : Flew Away, Burn Down Love, Never Was Enough, Fallow Ground, Jesus Saves, So Sweet that it Burns, Guilt and Shame,

Charcoal Sky, Mama was a Beauty, Auld Langsine, The Moon’s an Orange Boat, In God’s Name (what did we do in..), Sunday Morning & A Song for Hard Times.  Read More…

The New Duo CD from Jan Krist and Jim Bizer called “Influence” is now available through CDBaby.com!

“Influence” is out and getting airplay on a number of public radio stations.


No more Biddies! Many thanks to the wonderful Kitty Donohoe and the amazing Claudia Schmidt for our time as the Biddies. We know many of you came out to see us and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Kitty and Jan are still part of the Yellow Room Gang though, so the merriment will continue. What’s Next? Watch for the Sweethearts of the Yellow Room, Jan, Kitty and the wonderful Annie Capps.


Workshops: One of the new pages on our site will be a workshop page. Jan is available to teach both writing workshops and booking workshops. If you want to find out more about these workshops, please write to jan through this site at jan at jan krist dot net. If you would like to come to a workshop that Jan is teaching, she will be teaching at:

  • Central Ohio Folk Fest, May 8-9
  • Above the Bridge Songwriting Workshop in Northern MI, June 25-17
  • tentative-Cornerstone Festival’s Prairie School of Writing July 1-3
  • the Grunewald Guild in Plain, WA (2 hours east of Seattle) August 9-14

Hope to see you at one of these great workshops!