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   Jul 30


Watercolor on cotton

Jan Krist & Outpost Music and Art

I have been truly blessed by the grace of the audiences I have been playing for in MI, WI, IL, OH and IN. Many thanks to all those who attended our table top discussion during the FF & W at Calvin College in Grand Rapids.


Paste Magazine’s site is as bright and busy as a pinball machine. It’s great, you could get lost in it for days. I floated over it yesterday to see if they had posted  Josh Jackson’s article on artists who paint (which I am part of ) and was totally geeked to find a link to a  quiet little song from Blind Pilot @ Newport FF. I clicked on it and was only mildly disappointed to see that somehow my son Ian (the vibraphone player for BP) wasn’t on the video. Mildly-because they are really great no matter how you slice it. Perhaps the vibraphone would have been too loud. It was a very delicate sound, but I digress… Paste.   Back in the 90′s Paste covered my work and one of my songs was on a Paste sampler. Then it was a real magazine with glossy pages and a CD in a back pocket. Now the pictures rotate, there are articles,  videos,  sound files and you can catch up on music news while listening to new music. It’s a deeply layered site and you may want to put it on your weekly haunt list.


Here it is!  http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/lists/2012/08/23-musicians-share-their-paintings.html

Standout pieces include work by Ani de Franco, Hanna Hooper and Wade Schuman of Hazmat Modine (whose work really knocked me out ). Take a peek and see what you think. My work is on page 5 of 6.

Many thanks to Josh at Paste, Ellen Stanley at RedHouse Records and Dave Tamulevich at Tamulevich Artists Management.

The Glen

The Glen East, held at Mt Holeyoak College in Hadley, MA was great fun. Many thanks to Greg Wolfe and Image for the opportunity to work with them and with the fabulous Kathleen Norris. For more information on Image Journal and the Glen Workshops visit: http://imagejournal.org/page/events/the-glen-workshop/2012/east/

Jim Bizer and I continue to tour together and our CD continues to do well. We will be starting work on a new Jan and Jim project this fall if all goes well.

I will be teaching out at the Grunewald Guild again in  July of 2013, with a twist. Next year we are putting together a one day singer-songwriter festival.

Our songwriting school was a rowdy success this year. Many thanks to the great Jim Bizer for assisting in teaching the class.

The Grunewald is an amazing place for people whose art and music intersect with their personal faith. It is a ecumenical arts guild with master classes offered in clay, fiber arts, painting, glass and songwriting. You owe it to yourself to visit the Guild. It’s God’s trash heap for  beauty. You’ll be amazed!

Visit http://grunewaldguild.com/

I hope to have a link soon here on the site for my art work.

I am now in my 4th year at IPFW (Indiana, Purdue U, Fort Wayne) and am working on metal, clay , drawing and mixed media pieces. I am also working for the University these days writing press releases and articles for the Marketing office on the Fine Arts Campus.

Thanks for checking in.

As always for booking info contact me through this site.
Jan Krist

   Nov 12


My sister Denise has been diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. She is 58 and yes, she smoked. She tried to quit, but is among the many who found quitting impossible until the doctors told her that she had a mass in her lung.

Many people know and love Denise because of her amazing work for the city of Ypsilanti Michigan. Ypsilanti has been her muse since the 1970′s when she was a student at Eastern. Denise is undergoing Chemo and Radiation and fighting the good fight. She is handling this with dignity, amazing grace and incredible courage. She is use to being the person lending her aid to someone in need, but right now-she could use a little help. There have been a number of medical costs already which have not been covered, co-pays are also adding up. For those of you who can and would like to help we have placed this donate button. Any funds you donate will go directly to Denise to help her cover these mounting costs. Denise has been the stage manager for the Crossroads Festival in Ypsilanti for a number of years. She helped to bring the festival into being. She has advocated for the city passionately, intelligently, articulately. It would be fair to say that as tens of thousands of people in Southeast Michigan have benefited from her work. She is a compassionate woman, helping anyone and everyone around her.

If it is within your heart and capacity to help her at this time, please do. Attach a note and let us send your regards to her. Many thanks, Jan Krist

Please also come down to the Tap Room on Saturday, Nov 27th – for a Benefit Concert and mark your calendars for another Benefit concert on Jan 15th at the Riverside Gallery in Ypsilanti. More info on purchasing tickets for that show will be coming soon!

   Aug 04

Fallow Ground is Available Now!

Fallow Ground CD CoverFallow Ground, Jan Krist’s highly anticipated new CD is available now at shows and through cdbaby.com.

This CD was a long time coming and includes the songs : Flew Away, Burn Down Love, Never Was Enough, Fallow Ground, Jesus Saves, So Sweet that it Burns, Guilt and Shame, Charcoal Sky, Mama was a Beauty, Auld Langsine, The Moon’s an Orange Boat, In God’s Name (what did we do in..), Sunday Morning & A Song for Hard Times.

Fallow Ground is a thoughtful mapping of the past six years +, with the kind of lyrical power we have come to expect from this acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Tracks feature performances by many of Krist’s favorite collaborators; Annie Capps & Jim Bizer of the Yellow Room Gang, Alan Finkbeiner and Kenny Meeks.

There are also a number of newcomers to the mix; Rod Capps, Joel Gragg, Lauren Bittinger, Jason Dennie, Michael “Bear” Clare and Warsaw Symphony Cellist, Dan Zombrano.

Jan along with her husband and musical partner, Alan Finkbeiner, started this CD in Livonia MI at Trinity House Theatre 4 years ago when they recorded a live solo concert of Jan’s music. Plans for the CD were put aside when Jan’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months after the recording was made. This loss followed by a move to Fort Wayne, IN and a list of major life events strung closely together left the “Trinity” sessions in limbo.

Jan held out hope of including some of the Trinity session on “Fallow Ground”, but  ”The writing was on the wall,”

she said. “It was just too much on top of so much. Due to initial recording problems followed by computer problems (followed by a much needed upgrade), retrieval of  files from the session have been made difficult and time consuming. While we hope we can recover them at some point we decided to go ahead and re-record some of the same songs along with others written over the last 4 years.

We tried to hold on to the original seed of the Trinity session in some ways. Several songs are produced with only guitar and vocal.

All of this is why I wrote the song ‘Fallow Ground’ and why I named this CD ‘Fallow Ground’.

Every time we  tried to finish this CD life took a turn and plowed the whole thing back under. It has been very frustrating to us , but I have to believe that somehow … it’s  what was meant to be… That in the long run this recording is richer and sweeter for having spent all that time waiting.

I love these songs and I love the tone of this record. It’s a real blessing to be able to finally get these tunes out! ”

Holders of the ‘Trinity Bootleg’ can trade their proxi discs in for a copy of ‘Fallow Ground’ starting mid July.

Watch for concert dates in your area.

   Mar 13

Blogging away

Jan has been blogging away at her MySpace. Catch the latest at http://www.myspace.com/thejankrist. You can also keep an eye on this space because it’s finally getting a makeover. The fabulous duo of Annie and Rod Capps are constructing the new pages even as we speak, so to speak. Once the new pages are up we’ll be moving Jan’s Blog to her home page.

   Nov 04

Jan Krist and Jim Bizer Duo CD

The New Duo CD from Jan Krist and Jim Bizer called “Influence” is now available through CDBaby.com!

“Influence” is out and getting airplay on a number of public radio stations.

   Oct 04

No More Biddies

No more Biddies! Many thanks to the wonderful Kitty Donohoe and the amazing Claudia Schmidt for our time as the Biddies. We know many of you came out to see us and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Kitty and Jan are still part of the Yellow Room Gang though, so the merriment will continue. What’s Next? Watch for the Sweethearts of the Yellow Room, Jan, Kitty and the wonderful Annie Capps.